Are you studying for the Canadian Securities Course through the Canadian Securities Institute? ( csi.ca )

Available for sale are 6 sample exams, and the study guide exams total of 7 exams, same format as the CSC exams, all these seven sample exams comes with answers! The CSC has a lot of material to cover; hence you get a year to finish it. These can help cut down the time as it pretty much covers everything. Each exam has 100 multiple choice questions and answers, total of 600 questions answers and explanations; and the additional study guide test includes 150 questions and answers.

In total you will receive 750 multiple choice questions and answers. Also includes explanations for the answers. All possible questions that can be asked on the actual exam. Many of these questions are exact from the CSC course. With the help of these sample test you are more likely to well on the exam and graduate with honors.

You can expect at least 10-15 exactly worded questions in the actual CSC exam, and about 40 to 50% similar questions; with slight changes in the numbers or the wording


Included PDF Files:
File 1: Volume 1 – Exam 1 [ 100 Q + A + Explanation]
File 2: Volume 1 – Exam 2 [ 100 Q + A + Explanation]
File 3: Volume 1 – Exam 3 [ 100 Q + A + Explanation]
File 4: Volume 2 – Exam 1 [ 100 Q + A + Explanation]
File 5: Volume 2 – Exam 2 [ 100 Q + A + Explanation]
File 6: Volume 2 – Exam 3 [ 100 Q + A + Explanation]
File 7: Volume 1 & 2 – Study Guide Sample Exams [ 150 Questions ]
File 8: Volume 1 & 2 – Study Guide Sample Exams [ 150 Answers ]

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